General terms and conditions of the company trading in exotic plants

§1 Validity of social entrepreneurs and definition of terms

(1) The own general terms and conditions for all rights you have in our online shop

(2) The range of goods in our online shop is a buyer who has reached the age of 18.

(3) Our deliveries, rights and rights, your rights and entrepreneurs on the basis of these terms and conditions.

A consumer is any person who has taken a legal transaction for purposes that can still be attributed to their commercial or their independent rights (Section 13 BGB). These terms and conditions also refer to personal companies for business relationships and do not have to be explicit again. The content of a customer's general terms and conditions, which speak more broadly of our general terms and conditions, is already being stretched out. By using our website you are part of the use of cookies.

(4) The contract language is German.

§2 Formation of a contract, storage of the contract text

(1) The following regulations regarding the conclusion of a contract apply to rights via our internet shop

(2) In the case of the conclusion of the contract, the contract comes with

Exotic plants trade

Ronald Madl

Little Rottweg 5

D-94099 Ruhstorf

Register number

Register court


(3) The presentation of the goods in our online shop does not constitute a legally binding contract offer, only a non-binding invitation to the consumer to order goods. With the correct of the personal goods, the consumer makes a binding selection for the conclusion of a purchase contract.

(4) When an authorization is received in our internet shop, the rule means regulations: The consumer submits a binding contract offer, successfully compensates the order procedure received in our internet shop with rights.

The right belongs to:

1) Choosing the wrong goods

2) Responsible by clicking the "Order" button

3) Check the information in the shopping cart

4) Pressing the "Checkout" button

5) Registration in the internet shop after registration and entry of the applicant details.

6) Check or correct the political responsibility data again.

7) Binding sending of the rights by clicking the button "order with costs" or "buy"

The consumer can be used before the binding submission of the injury by pressing the internet browser shown by him. cancel the ordering process through those of the Internet browser. We obtain the receipt of the rights through a centrally generated email. With this we accept your offer.

(5) Storage of the contract text during administration via our internet shop: You can also view the terms and conditions at For security reasons, your order details are no longer in force via the Internet.

§3 prices, shipping costs, contracts, due date

(1) The prices shown include VAT and other price components. There are also any shipping costs.

(2) The consumer has the option of paying in advance, PayPal.

(3) Has the consumer received the rights after prepayment, so that he himself, the purchase price incomprehensible, has to pay 5 working days after the conclusion of the contract. If we do not find any money in our bank or PayPal account after this period, the correct authorization will be canceled.


§4 delivery

(1) Unless we die in the product description not significantly different, all of us worth items are ready to ship immediately. The delivery belongs here within 10 working days at the latest. This begins the period for delivery with receipt of money in our bank or PayPal account. If the period ends on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at the place of delivery, the period ends on the permanent working day.

(2) The risk of actual demise and personal deterioration of those affected also passes to the buyer only when the item is handed over to the buyer.

(3) non-acceptance.

This is the reason why the cost is not paid, not picked up, or because of an address error due to customer fault, and is returned without, so the buyer definitely gets the reliable cost. If the buyer has heard that we will send the goods again, so sluggishly